The Lochert Company is able to offer our clients first quality unfinished hardwood floorings from a wide variety of Brazilian species.
Our tropical lumber division operates in the major Amazon forest regions, engulfing the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Pará.
In these areas, mills saw rough sawn boards for our consumption under the watchful eyes of our quality control supervisors.
The lumber is then transported to our facilities Kiln Dried, in computerized Kilns with specific and tested Kiln Drying programs for each specie.
The lumber must be carefully Kiln Dried down to a low humidity in order to ensure the stability of the flooring independent of the climatical conditions of where it will be installed.
Furthermore, they have to be engineered in precision machinery in order to achieve uniform and precise sizes, which will guarantee a perfect tight fit upon installation.
Our wood products pass through several quality checks: at the saw mills, entering and exiting the Kilns, after surfacing and finally when being bundled. We thus guarantee finished products with a very high quality.
It is with the quality and competitiveness of our wood products that we seek to maintain our clients satisfied, seeking always to improve our service.
Always giving the outmost importance to the quality of our products, we are currently selling our products around the world to many satisfied customers.
We invite you to check the different wood products which we can offer you today. Please let us know how we can help, providing you with high quality competitive Brazilian wood products.

We accept inquiries by phone, fax, or email. We would be pleased to discuss your needs.
Wood is a natural material. No two pieces are alike and each species has its own range of color, grain, and character. Given the limitations of photographic reproduction, we encourage you to make your final selection from physical samples.

The Internet has changed everything. Now we can tell the homeowner or building contractor all about our products quickly and easily.

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