Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page before sending an inquiry or calling us on the phone.

Why should I consider buying from The "LC" Company Warehouse?
This provides an opportunity for the homeowner to have some of the most beautiful wood floors in the world. The flooring is beautiful and the price is up to 70% lower than retail. The flooring offered in the The "LC" Company Warehouse is remnants (from large production runs) or flooring which may have slight irregularities. This flooring, sold direct at sharply reduced prices, represents some of the best bargains available anywhere in the market today.

What assurance do I have that I am purchasing good quality flooring?
The "LC" Company Warehouse has been selling to the commercial market since 1996. We have also sold to many celebrities (movie stars, software magnates, sports figures). We know what it takes to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Selling flooring direct to the public through The "LC" Company Warehouse on the Internet is a new experience for us. We hope it will work well. We will be very, very careful to do the best we can.

As direct importers we can, offer the customer wonderful prices for the flooring in our Warehouse. Since all flooring sold in the "LC" Company Warehouse is sold “as is” we take extra steps to assure customer satisfaction:

We help the customer understand what they are buying. This means we accurately describe the flooring offered on the web site and we provide limited telephone support.

We offer samples at a modest charge so the customer can see the flooring. The samples are credited against any future order.

We encourage customers to consult a professional flooring contractor as part of the buying decision.

We will accept returns under the terms described in "LC" Company Warehouse Terms and Conditions.

What is the difference between “Select and Better” grade and “Clear" grade?
“Select and Better” grade is a grade slightly lower than “Clear”. It may have wider color variation, some minor face blemish, shorter average lengths (generally 2.5’) and/or higher tolerance for acceptable milling standards. Clear grade is the highest grade of flooring available. It has longer average lengths (3.5’) and lower tolerance for acceptable milling standards. Some items on our Warehouse are “Clear” grade. They are just overstocks, remnants and/or discontinued items. The items that are “Select and Better” grade are noted as such on The "LC" Company Warehouse.

Does The "LC" Company install flooring?
Yes, we do. We supply flooring products to Flooring Distributors, Retailers, and Contractors throughout North America. The flooring being offered in The "LC" Company Warehouse is for sale to consumers who will arrange their own installation or consumers who can use our experienced and professional installers.

How much should I allow for waste?
This will depend on the item being ordered. A rule of thumb is to calculate the square footage required and to order 7% extra. This allows the flooring contractor to have enough extra so he can lay the best-looking floor. The "LC" Warehouse cannot be responsible for shortages due to errors in ordering.

How are the goods delivered? What must I do to receive the goods?
The flooring will be shipped by truck strapped to a pallet and you need to unload the truck yourself. Flooring is heavy so you may need help unloading it. In some cases, providing this is arranged in advance, the trucking company will stay long enough to permit the goods to be unloaded by hand from the pallet.

The pallet will be made up of individual bundles of 20-25 square feet. The individual bundles will weigh 35-60 lb. depending on the species and the size of the bundle. You will need wire cutters to cut the steel strapping.

If you are not able to receive the flooring at your home, you can have it shipped to another location. Please note: The goods must be checked for damage at the time they are received. See The "LC" Company Warehouse Terms and Conditions.

What will freight cost?
Freight rates will vary based on the quantity ordered and the destination.
The "LC" Company Warehouse uses several carriers and will get a freight rate based on the information you provide on the inquiry form you e-mail to us. In order to get a freight rate; we need the quantity to be ordered (in square feet) and the destination address and zip code. The freight lines may charge additional fees for residential delivery and if the driver has to help unload the truck. The "LC" Company Warehouse has substantial discounts with many carriers and will pass these savings along to you.

How do I get a quote?
The best way is to send the inquiry by e-mail using our
The "LC" Company Warehouse Inquiry Form. We need to know how much you want, when you want it and where it is to be sent? We will e-mail a response to your inquiry.

Does The "LC" Company have a Warehouse minimum order?
Our minimum order at the prices quoted is 500 square feet. We will accept orders for less but there will be an up charge for handling a small order.

Please believe us when we say the bargains in The "LC" Company Warehouse are wonderful.

What are your hours? Can I come by to see samples of flooring?
The "LC" Company Warehouse is not open to the public. We are not a retail store and we do not have a showroom. We are a direct importer of flooring and sell to distributors, but we are offering our Warehouse Specials direct to the public. You can get samples of the flooring by e-mailing us the inquiry sheet with your sample request. For $20.00 we will send you samples. The cost of the samples will be credited towards any order you place. All samples are shipped via UPS Ground.

How soon can I expect my order once it is placed with The "LC" Company Warehouse?
It generally takes 2-3 business days from placement of order to have your order pulled and banded for shipment. Once it is pulled, we send a pro-forma invoice to you and must receive payment in full before we can ship the order. Shipment time will then depend on how quickly we receive payment. Once payment is received, the shipping time will vary depending on the destination and the schedule of the